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Epoch HomesBuyers Guide

Congratulations are in order, because by researching your options at Epoch Home’s website you will be discovering a variety of new ways to build your dream home—on time, on budget and with unsurpassed quality. Whether you’ve been dreaming about this home for decades or it’s a new found passion, this information will provide you with much of the information you need to create the home of your dreams, whether its a sprawling palace or a cozy cottage.


Purchasing a new home is an emotional decision. But because you’re likely investing your life savings in this project, it’s wise to back up that emotion with wise decisions on getting the most house for your money. The good news is that the craftsmen at Epoch Homes have spent decades perfecting high tech construction techniques that can create homes far faster than in years past, using the latest tools and technology. Epoch Homes employs a modern building system to construct our state of the art homes. This means you will save time and money when opting to have your dream home constructed by Epoch Homes

You will need to grapple with a number of decisions on the path to making your dream home a reality. Likewise use your intuition when deciding who will complete your dream home. It helps if you like your builder. And here at Epoch Homes, we have a network of authorized builders who we have worked with for years. But in deciding on a builder, also remember to check references with past customers, as well as local officials, including your State’s Attorneys Generals office. You will discover that the builders that work with Epoch Homes have a stellar reputation, as well as being licensed and bonded within your state.

While some still confuse this system with the manufactured (or mobile) home industry, since they both originate in a factory setting, today’s custom modular homes are indistinguishable from site-built homes. This is the fastest form of construction on the planet, with homes arriving on site more than 90% complete.

You can’t shop for a used home without knowing how much you can afford, nor can you use a building system to create a home without establishing a realistic budget. A number of national and regional lenders have adopted loan programs for those opting for a building system, including construction-to-permanent mortgages. Work with these lenders to determine a budget.

If you’re purchasing land in a subdivision, make sure you’re comfortable with the developer, the community’s covenants and annual costs, community tax structure and surrounding development. If you’re buying land of your own to build on, take steps to ensure the land is suitable for development through soil testing and other means. If you are planning on a tear down and rebuild, or an addition to your existing home, we can do help you with that as well.

A visit to your local building department (city or county) will provide a plethora of information on what local government officials will require so you can build on your site. Pay close attention to development fees (including water and sewer tap fees), plan submittal requirements, inspection schedules, setbacks and wetland mitigation.

Your design decisions should begin with the size of the home and what kind of interior and exterior look you prefer. When weighing your choices, consider the cost of fabrication, the speed of on-site completion and the maintenance needed over time. Visit our Dream Catcher Design Center for examples of what we have built in the past.

At Epoch Homes, we’re dedicated to helping you create the fine custom modular home of your dreams. You’ll work with a Recognized Independent Epoch Builder, who has received training in the Epoch Homes process and will be the prime contractor on the job. After you’ve finalized the design of your home, the builder will contract with Epoch Homes to manufacture it. The builder will also clear the site, obtain permits, provide for well drilling and septic installation, excavate and pour the foundation and oversee the setting of the modules.
The builder will then hire plumbers, electricians and carpenters to finish the house, and do a walk-through with you to address any final details.

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