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Welcome to the Epoch Homes Design Center! Here you will find a listing of products you can select to design your Epoch home.

Epoch has always been recognized for the quality of the products we use in construction, as well as the care and detail with which we build every single home, be it a 900 square foot cottage or 15,000 square foot Modular Mansion.  Our homes feature such high quality products as Andersen or Pella windows, Moen faucets, and Yorktown cabinets in hickory, maple, or oak. We use all plywood sheathing and subfloors, and foil backed sheetrock for added energy efficiency. Our Product Manual offers the widest selection of products, systems, and Green Building materials in the industry.

Click here for short video on amenites offered by Epoch

When the first modular homes factories started, most products used were inventoried. This system meant there was little flexibility for the customer. They had to choose from one or two colors of carpet and counter tops, and only one brand of window, etc. Inventorying items also ties up capital and increases the final cost to consumers. Every house we build now is a custom order. This requires that customers make all their product and color choices no later than 4 weeks prior to production. We discourage changes after this point, because items will not make it on time to be included in the house. Remember, most houses only take five to ten business days to build once they go on line.

In making the selection of products offered here, Epoch has negotiated certain terms and conditions with our suppliers. To  capitalize on the efficiency of a production environment, our suppliers have agreed to inventory many items listed in our Product Manual. We also negotiate better prices whenever possible so we can pass those savings onto our customers. In addition,  Epoch makes every effort to accommodate special orders, whenever practical. If a customer wants something not in the Product Manual, it needs to be evaluated to see if:

  • It is an item we feel comfortable in installing (sorry, as custom as we are, we can’t put an Italian Marble fountain in the foyer )
  • It is feasible to get the product in a reasonable time before the house is to go on line
  • What are the consequences if it arrives broken (can we get another one in a timely manner? Will it hold up the production line?)
  • It is compatible with our building system (some items such as ductwork just cannot be installed in the factory)

Sometimes, when an item does not meet the above criteria, we will suggest deleting it from the factory order and having the builder install it on site. If it requires certain factory prep items, such as a framed opening or specific electrical circuitry, often Epoch can accommodate those things.

The bottom line is that the more our customers stick with the vast array of products offered in this catalog, the more they benefit from the efficiency of the systems built home. In any case, Epoch believes that your home is the most important investment of your life, and we will make every effort to build you a home that reflects your lifestyle and budget.

Even more custom choices are available with our Prestige Series upgrade selections, and our Green Home environmentally friendly offerings. Whatever products you select, the exact same care and old world craftsmanship are built into every house.

Please note that our suppliers are constantly upgrading their product offerings, often without advanced notice. Offerings shown are, therefore, representative and subject to factory confirmation or substitution. Click on the link below to download the Design Center Catalog (this is a large document and may take some time to download, so please be patient):

Download The Design Center Manual

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