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Our thousands of satisfied customers have come to Epoch Homes because of our focus on building the highest quality, fully custom Green homes. We don’t care about building the most homes: our philosophy is to build the best homes to meet your budget and lifestyle. All of our homes are energy efficient and will cost less to live in.

We start with the design process, creating a unique plan based upon your needs and your style, be it Colonial, Arts & Craft, Shingle Style, Victorian, Adirondack, Modern, or even a new style all your own.

We build every home with the same care and attention to detail, whether it ‘s a 900 square foot cottage or a 15,000 square foot Modular Mansion. Epoch Homes are solid, tight, and energy efficient. Epoch Homes was the first manufacturer in our market to achieve the coveted Platinum LEEDS rating for a modular home.

We also offer a very wide selection of the highest quality materials, finishes and fixtures.

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