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Epoch Introduces the Historical Replication Series From the Garnett Design Group

Epoch Homes and the Garnett Design Group team up for an unprecedented release of over 300 historically reproduced home plans designed as custom modular homes.


“We have collaborated with many architects over the years”, said Doug Basinett, CEO of Epoch Homes. “Many of the awards we won were due to the level of detail the architects put into their creations, and the craftsmanship with which Epoch builds our homes.”

“When we were approached by Bill Garnett of the Garnett Design Group”, Basinett continued, “we had already been aware of his talents after working together on a beautiful high end custom home, but that still left us unprepared for what he was about to show us”. What Garnett unveiled to Epoch was unprecedented in the modular industry. He had created an extensive portfolio of classically inspired homes, designed for Epoch’s custom modular building system.  Garnett has dubbed this collection the “Historical Replication Series”.

These incredible modular home designs were inspired by the best that has been built in this country. “Many of the progenitors of our designs were found and photographed by us while visiting urban centers, towns and rural areas across this country.” Garnett explains. “Whether designed professionally or executed as a vernacular interpretation of style genre as seen through the eyes of a local builder or artisan, we have a rich, indigenous history of design to inspire us.  So often we see beautiful homes alongside a historic roadway and ask why they don’t build homes like that anymore. Well, we decided to do something about that. Our portfolio of modular plans contains period-influenced designs from across the country and across time that can be built anew for today’s lifestyles.”

Epoch is proud to partner with the Garnett Group in offering this unique line of beautiful homes”, said CEO Basinett. “We have begun releasing plans on our website, where prospective home owners and builders can search our database of hundreds of custom built modular home plans and explore the incredible historic plans that Garnett has brought back from the past.”

About Garnett Design Group

Bill Garnett has been involved in residential turn-key design/build/furnish projects exclusively for the Modular Industry, designing high-end residential projects internationally, both in the United States and Canada using modular construction technologies and is currently a principal in Garnett Design Group, Inc., Seattle, WA

The Garnett Group has landmark modular residential projects through the West Coast states as well and the resort areas of Colorado, New Mexico and Montana.

A sampling of Garnett’s replications are below, or click this link to see an overview of the series.

View a Few of the Designs in the Historical Replication Series

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