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Go Green with Epoch Green Modular Homes!


At Epoch Homes, we have been offering our customers Green Building options since before the term Green Building even came into common use. To our way of thinking, the strategies and tactics used to achieve sustainable buildings are all part of our long standing approach to custom building. Just like we will not tell you that your choices for custom home designs are limited to a small collection of pre-designed house plans, we encourage you to define your own priorities when it comes to sustainable design. You tell us what is important to you, and we will help you achieve your goals. Because, after all, shouldn’t the design of your custom home start with you?

What Is Green Building?

Green Building offers a new way to think about home building that considers more than just a floor plan, elevations and required building code.


Green Building raises considerations of:

    • Lot Design, Prep, and Development
    • Resource Efficiency
    • Energy Efficiency
    • Water Efficiency
    • Indoor Environmental Quality
    • Operation, Maintenance and Owner Education

Why Build Green?

Because Green Building Strategies Add Value to your home, today and for the future, such as:

    • Return on Investment
    • Higher Resale
    • Lower Operating Costs
    • Healthier Living Environment
    • An Opportunity To Make a Difference
      • Reduced Carbon Footprint
      • Use Less Energy
      • Protect The Environment
      • Be a Good Neighbor
      • Reflect Your Values

How Green is Green?

You tell us!

The only definition of Green Building that matters is yourdefinition. Because Green Building can encompass so many different elements, nobody’s definition will be right for you, except your own. Balance design elements and efficiencies with factors unique to your project such as:

  • local and site considerations,
  • your budget,
  • your lifestyle,
  • your values.

By considering these factors and finding the right balance you can be as Green as you want to be!


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