Multi-Family/Light Commercial

Epoch HomesMulti-Family/Light Commercial

Commercial Modular Buildings and MultiFamily Modular Homes

Epoch has extensive construction experience with all types of multi family and light commercial manufactured, prefabricated modular buildings. Pictured to the right is a veterinary clinic built in Dedham, MA.

Why are commercial/multifamily builders turning to Epoch?

•       Fast delivery to the site, faster on site completion

•       Builder Fixed Costs Become Variable

•       Custom Quoting At Zero Cost

•       Reduced Reliance on Subs

•       Less disruption to the neighborhood

•       Reduced Weather Delays & Costs

•       Dependable Schedule

•       Lower Insurance Costs

•       No Cost Over Runs

•       Less On Site Theft

•       Factory Efficiencies Reduce Product Costs

•       Reliable Cost, Quality, and Delivery

•       Lets Builder Chase Sales, Not Subs

•       Sell More With Less Overhead

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