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Epoch Homes stands ready to assist in emergency situations in the Northeastern US States and around the world. Our process allows a rapid completion and delivery of a custom home. We can work with an existing foundation, your plans, or you can search our custom home database.

In a report following Hurricane Andrew, FEMA, the US Federal Emergency Management Agency concluded determined that Modular Construction is more resilient in storm situations

For international markets, we have developed small, inexpensive units that can be built quickly and in volume, and rapidly delivered to locations around the globe. For example, the unit on the right is a 28′ X 28′ two bedroom home with a core module containing the bathroom and kitchen totally finished, plumbed, and includes fixtures and cabinets. The bedrooms and dining/living room area unfold and can be finished quickly on site. The units start around $32K FOB the factory in Pembroke, NH. It folds to 11′ W X 28’L X 11’H and although does not fit into an ocean container, can be shipped below deck.

Another variation to this floor plan is a 7’6″ wide module with panelized bedrooms, living room, dining room that fits into 40′ High Cube Ocean Containers.

These homes are designed to sit on a center core crawl space with slab on grade for the living/dining & bedrooms.

The two bedroom units pictured above are 15′ X 36′. They can be shipped in two 40′ High Cube Ocean Containers or as one totally finished unit below deck. These units start at about 30K FOB the factory.

Epoch has also shipped panelized homes thoughout the world. These kit homes simplify logistics by coming complete with everything needed to finish the home down to the nails and paint.

All homes are subject to the building codes of the destination location.

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