To: Paul Ruggiero PDR Construction

From: Sannie Rejndrup
Sent: Wednesday, November 10, 2010 8:00 PM
Subject: re: a little chuckle for you enclosed

Hi Paul:

As you know, I’m back in school. One of my classes at the moment is English 110: Expository writing. That means writing while using specific writing tools. For my descriptive essay, I decided to write about the house construction… I thought this would be fun for you (and Epoch) to read.


Excerpt from Sannie’s essay (We think you deseve an “A”, Sannie!)

…we decided to go with a modular home company, which offered 100% customization…, a great builder who would supervise the work that needed to be done on site, and a guarantee of three months maximum from the time the house was set on its foundation until we could move in. Adding time for the teardown and construction of a new foundation, the total time for us to be ‘off-site’ was calculated at six months.

  … As we threw away a third of our belongings, we simultaneously boxed a third to go into storage and took a third with us to our temporary ‘tall basement’- level apartment. Staying there felt like an extended camping trip – underground. Shortly thereafter followed the rainy teardown of our old house, which created a mixed mood of nostalgia and anticipation. As the huge digger claws took a large bite out of the roof, exposing a chunk of one son’s blue bedroom walls, memories of moving in twelve years earlier flooded my mind.

… Two months after the teardown, we were ready for the five oversized Legos constituting our new house to arrive. The night before the set, our lot was full of the biggest Lego, already on site, a 16×50 foot behemoth, as well as a monstrous crane and the charismatic Vermont set crew

…. At 8 a.m., the first box was lifted into place. Looking logically at the process, it seemed impossible that the huge crane would be able to lift the considerably larger box, but it was a seemingly effortless, graceful air ballet. As the box was hovering over the foundation, a crew member tugged on a rope, and the oversized Lego swung into position and landed exactly where it needed to be, without a sound.

…At 2 p.m., all five boxes were in place; we walked through our new front door, into that indefinable scent of newness. 2 ½ months later, we moved into our new Lego home. It had been 5 ½ months since we moved out. Yes, it can be done.


Click here to read Sannie’s excellent essay in its entirety


October 2010

When my wife and I decided to engage Epoch Homes to build our dream house, we had no idea how things would turn out, but our instincts told us that Epoch was a great company, and we would be well served by them. But that was only half of the story. As a regional distributor/builder for Epoch Homes, Jay Carlsen became our builder. And didn’t that make all the difference! With Jay, what you see is what you get: a personable, hard working straight shooter, with a sense of humor, too! Jay prepared a detailed budget for the completion of our home that held true right down to the last day of the job. Staying on budget meant that we could sleep at night – not insignificant for us, I assure you. And Jay was always diligent about communications. Whenever there was a question or detail that needed our input, he would call or email. We felt that we were very close to the building process, even though we were hundreds of miles away. We can thank Jay for that.

We have just spent the first summer in our new home overlooking Penobscot Bay. If we told you it was hard to leave at the end of the summer, it is an understatement. Our home is every bit as we hoped it would be, and more. We can’t wait to get back later in the fall. Yes, our dream came true. Thank you Jay!

Don and Marty Tenney

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Castine, Maine




February 4, 2009

Epoch delivered and set a five module colonial in Massachusetts on 1/29/09 for the Fortins and North River Modular Construction. Our thanks to the Fortin family for allowing us to post the video link to Youtube!


See the Fortin house being set on 1/29/09!

See the house plans for house #4100


From: Thunberg, Marcia
Sent: Wednesday, October 01, 2008 9:21 AM
To: Sales
Subject: Epoch homes


Just letting you know we are still happy with our Epoch home, eight years later.  Our house uses half the therms of the average residential gas customer.  In the summer, we never need air conditioning due to the thick walls, insulation, white shingles, and, importantly, strategically kept shade trees. I commented at Building  Here’s the link, FYI.  Have fun with your open house October 18th.



Marcia A. B. Thunberg


From: Maggie priest
Sent: Monday, August 04, 2008 9:23 PM
To: Dave Wrocklage
Subject: long overdue thank you!

I moved into my beautiful home last Nov but had a landscape of dirt and/or mud depending on the weather. I have put off having an open house until now so people could enjoy the yard as well as the house. I wanted to send your company a huge thank you for doing such an incredible job and working with Paul Leone to give me such a beautiful home. Our sales rep was Paul Ruggiero and he was great to deal with as well. Paul Leone has built himself a reputation of being an honest, decent man over the years, and I feel very lucky to have had Paul join your team and offer the best of both worlds…..a modular home that we could modify the plans for and finish to my liking… the commercial says……priceless! This Saturday I am finally opening my home to all the neighbors who have been waiting patiently for the tour! Please feel free to use me as a reference for any purpose you need and contact me if you would like to show anyone the house! THANK YOU again. Take care.


Many thanks to the Grube’s for their kind words

House 3767


Our experience with Ciccarello Builders and Epoch Homes went exceptionally well.  Ciccarello Builders made the interface with Epoch extremely smooth.  Between Tom from Ciccarello Builders and Jordan from Epoch, we had all of our bases covered for an on time delivery of our home.  Being a mechanical engineer, I prepared a number of questions for both Jordan and Tom.  Both were considerate, informative, and very patient.

Epoch was able to provide us with a custom designed home.  My wife and I provided sketches with floor plans and elevation views, and Epoch provided us with a detailed set of house plans.  After some reviews and markups, we got the exact home we wanted right down to the locations of outlets and switches.  Tom was key in getting accurate house plans completed in a short period of time.  He was also critical in making the entire project come together.

We would recommend that anybody looking to purchase a modular home attend the factory tour at Epoch.  You will learn how the construction process takes place in their very controlled environment.  Compare the quality with other modular home manufacturers.  You will find that Epoch provides robust construction with top of the line products.  We have had numerous compliments on our home with regard to appearance and workmanship.  We had a contractor look into the ceiling corners expecting to find cracks due to the transportation.  He did not find any and was very impressed with Epoch homes and its construction techniques.

We would like to thank Ciccarello Builders and Epoch Homes for making our modular home experience simple and stress free, and providing us with the exact product we were looking for.

Dom and Kathy Grube

Stoddard, NH

Michael built an Epoch home (#1693) in 1993 in NY. Thanks Michael for this wonderful message!


—–Original Message—–
From: Sabad, Michael G
Sent: Tuesday, September 18, 2007 3:53 PM
To: Sales
Subject: Victorian Home Design 1693

 Hello, I just had a friend ask me about modular homes, some of his friends are builders and they have been telling him about the evils of modular housing.  Well of course I had to set him straight because I am familiar with modular housing and Epoch.  I then went to your website to take alook around before I sent my friend the link.  I was surprised to see the house that my wife and I designed on your web page.  Especially since I told my friend that if I had any pictures I would scan them and send them to him.   I was an Independent Builder and sold Epoch homes for a short while in the Northern New York State area, sold a custom cape in Potsdam NewYork.  I was then transferred out of state, had to sell the house and give up the distributorship.   Let me just say that I have lived in 5 houses, built 2 new ones since building the Epoch home and none of them were as pleasant to live in as the Epoch Home.  During construction I used ground source heat pump technology, which was fairly new at the time.  To qualify for the Navistar energy efficiency rebates I had to have the house tested for efficiency.  A person from the state performed a blower door test on the house.  He said it was the 2nd best rating he had seen for a fiberglass insulated home. I also oriented the house to take advantage of the southern exposure.In this part of New York State winters are long and cold.  Temperatures of 20, 30 or 40 degrees below are not uncommon.  What most people do not realize is the sun shines more in the winter than the summer, winter is longer.  Even on a 20 degree below zero day or colder, when the sun was shining the heat pump would kick off at 9:00 am and not kick on again until about 4:00 pm.  The house would hold in the warmth throughout the day.   One other story of note, my house had hardwood floors throughout, no carpet anywhere.  If a person was upstairs you could not hear them, talking, running, jumping whatever.  It use to annoy me because if you needed to get someone’s attention upstairs you just could not yell, they would not hear you, rather you had to go to the stairwell and yell before you could be heard.

Need an independent Epoch Builder in the Bristol Tennessee Area?


Michael Sabad


This next letter is not your typical testimonial, as it comes from a customer who decided NOT to build an Epoch home-

              Timothy C. Howes

       South Dartmouth, MA 02748

November 4, 2005

Donald H. Seablom

Heritage Quality Homes, Inc.

Middleboro, MA 02346

Dear Don:

I just wanted to share with you our experiences of building a stick built home instead of a modular home through your company.

As you may recall, we met nearly two years ago to discuss the construction of a modular home on 8.5 acres of land in South Dartmouth, MA. I was impressed with your professionalism and years of experience in modular construction with Epoch Homes. I was also impressed by Epoch’s quality standards, which exceeded not only local building codes, but also of other modular competitors’ standards.

Unfortunately, due to our own unfounded concerns about design limitations and limited access to the subdivision, we ended up building a custom stick built home instead. While the end result came out beautifully, unfortunately I aged myself with sleepless nights due to:

  • Cost overruns due to mistakes made by contractors and me.
  • Materials theft from one sub
  • Incompetent and psychologically challenged subcontractors
  • Delays

In spite of what we’ve been through, we will build again. Next time, we will very likely go through your company and Epoch Homes. You are a true professional, which is a true asset when trying to build something as complex as a new home.

Feel free to share my experience with other customers contemplating the construction of a new home.


Tim Howes

Some of Epoch’s toughest customers are engineers…

House 3836


This letter describes my recent experience with SDC Modular and Epoch Homes in building my new oceanfront home in Wareham, MA. My family moved into our new home on the 14th of July, 2007 and we are extremely satisfied with both the design-build process as well as the finished product. The project was completed on budget and within schedule. It successfully passed all inspections and is exactly what we ordered in every detail.

Being an engineer by trade, I expended a great deal of effort over eight months evaluating both modular home manufacturers and their associated builder/dealers; looking at a half or dozen different candidates active in my area. It became apparent early in the evaluation process that manufacturers and builder/dealers had to be evaluated as an integrated team, since the finished product requires a great deal of coordination between the team members. Evaluation criteria for selection of the team focused upon the following elements that were important to me:

Modular Home Material Quality – Lumber grades and dimensions, window and door quality, manufacturing processes.

Affordability – Turnkey project costs had to be guaranteed within my fixed budget.

Design Support Services – We wanted to custom design every detail of our home and required extensive design services from both the builder and the manufacturer.

Site Services – Our site contained a cottage built in 1949 that needed to be removed and the entire site required reconfiguration for the foundation, water and septic system.

Past Performance – Customer references, previous project site visits, better business bureau and other sources indicative of manufacturer and builder performance were evaluated. Several candidates were quickly eliminated during this evaluation.

Epoch and SDC Modular ranked very high in all five criteria individually and as a team. The existence of a professional intimacy between Epoch and SDC Modular became very evident to me during the interviews of both parties as well as review of previously finished projects. Both SDC Modular and Epoch are committed to customer satisfaction and are capable to work together as a team to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Mark Blazejewski

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