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Modular Log Homes


Live the log home lifestyle, with greater energy efficiency and lower cost.

America’s love affair with the warmth and luxury of natural wood has made log homes a much sought after architectural style for upscale country homes.  Epoch’s Log modular homes make that lifestyle available to a growing number of people.  By combining the advantages of modular construction (lower cost, Greener Building, higher energy efficiency) with natural log siding, we can offer a more cost effective home, and a Greener Home.

Design Flexibility

Log modular homes are available with natural log siding on the exterior and natural log siding or V-groove paneling on selected interior walls. This offers much greater design flexibility by allowing you to decide which interior walls are attractive in wood and where other finishes are more desirable. Select your choice of vertical corner boards or log corners.

While the sample plans to the left illustrate efficient floor plans with a natural log aesthetic, the concept can be applied to homes of any size. For even more design flexibility, consider the possibilities of a hybrid construction approach. For example, log sided modular construction can be combined with a true log, or even a timber framed, vaulted great room. The possibilities are almost limitless.

Build Green and Energy Efficient

Traditional log homes rely on the insulation value of the log wall. In many cases the resulting R-Values are insufficient for today’s building codes and can require excess energy to keep the home cozy.  Tight modular construction, with numerous insulation choices, provides log home aesthetics and energy efficiency. Plus you get all of the Green advantages of modular factory construction. Finally, a truly Green Log Home.


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