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Modular Home Floor Plans
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Modular Home Floor Plans


Modular Home Floor Plans SEARCH

The first step towards building your custom modular home is to search Epoch Homes’ database of modular home floor plans to explore the possibilities. There are hundreds of homes to choose from, all of which can be customized to fit your needs.

Fill out or select from at least one field to the left, and then click Search to find the homes that match your criteria. (You can select more than one criterion to narrow your search.)

If you know the house name or number, select or enter it to go directly to information on that home. Or, Epoch Homes will work with you to create a fully custom plan for your dream home. Our database of homes is continually being expanded as we build more beautiful homes throughout New England and New York.


New Category! We have added the category "Additions" to the search engine. Epoch has built in-law additions, second story additions, family rooms, garages with apartments over, and more. Epoch was even featured in Remodeling Magazine in this February 2012 issue titled "Modular Convenience: Remodeling with Modules Works for Tight Schedules and Smaller Budgets".

Newest Custom Homes by Epoch as of February 2012!!

House # 4120 Modern Cottage Contemporary built in Ancram, NY

House # 4246, Team Massachusetts Solar Decathlon House to be displayed in Washington, DC September 2011

House # 4179, a 28' X 40' Colonial Built in Plainfield, NH

House # 4053, a 28' X 49'/53' Vacation 2 Story in Wiscasset, Maine

House # 4158, a 38' X 44' Cape Built in Appleton, ME

House # 4171, a 28 X 44 Cape Built in Union, Maine

House # 4178, a 28' X 34' Cape Built in Rockport, Maine


House # 4202, a 28' X 32' Cape Built in Lee, NH

House # 4181, a 27' X 50' Cape Built in Castene, Maine

House # 4200, a 28' X 38' Colonial Built in Hamilton, MA


House # 4205, a 39' X 44' Cape Built in Appleton, Maine

House # 4025, a 28' X 42/52' Vacation Home Built in Jamaica, VT

Arts & Crafts Vacation House # 4028 Built in Watch Hill, RI

Powerpod # 4067 Music Classroom Built in Putney, VT

Powerpod # 4068 Music Classroom Built in Putney, VT

Addition # 4095 In-Law Apartment Built in Warwick, RI


Duplex # 4186 43'6 X 68' Built in New London, NH

  House # 4146, a 24' X 34' Chalet Built on Northwood Lake, NH


House # 4161, a 41'2 X 50' Cape Built in Strafford, NH

House #4170, a 27'6 X 56' Triplex w-Handicap Unit

House # 4169, a 27'6 X 56' Triplex Built in Weymouth, MA

House # 4182, a 27'8 X 44' Duplex Built in Berkley, MA

House 1676, a 1,968 Sq. Ft. Dental Office in MA

House 1263, a 4,086 sq. ft. Animal Hospital in MA

House 3698, a 1,416 sq. ft. Chalet Built on Rangely Lake, Maine

House 3100, a 5,808 sq. ft. Colonial built in Lancaster, MA

House 3738, a Split Level Ranch Built in Weymouth, MA

House 3802, a 2800 sq. ft. Duplex Built in Boston, MA

House # 3942, a 1700 sq. ft. Dental Office built in Norwalk, CT


House 3921, a 4.012 sq. ft. Arts& Crafts Shingle Style Built in Westport, CT

House # 4014, a 4,362 sq. ft. Colonial built in Westport, CT

House # 3917, a 6,500 sq. ft. Colonial built in Greenwich, CT

House # 4056, a 38'6 X 70'10 Colonial built in Southport, CT


House # 3835, a 48' X 84' Colonial built in New Canaan, CT


House #3444, a 29'8 X 48' Colonial built in Wayland, Mass.

House # 4042, a 31'8 X 42'/54' Cape built in Bridgton, Maine

House # 3977, a 35' X 57' Cape built in Townsend, Vermont


House # 4002, a duplex in Hampstead, NH


House #4070, a 27'8 X 40' Second Story Addition in Westport, CT

Before                          During Set                After


House # 4018, a 53' X 80' Colonial built in Greenwich, CT



House # 4041, a 39' X 44' Vacation house built on Marth's Vineyard


House # 4039, a 52' X 55'' Colonial built in Greenwich, CT


House # 4015, a 43'6 X 42' Colonial built in Lexington, MA


House # 4006, a 27'8 X 50' Chalet built in Weymouth, MA

House # 4049, a 27'8 X 38' Cape built in West Newbury, MA




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