Why Build Modular?

Epoch HomesWhy Build Modular?

“Manufactured” home building dates back to 1908, when Sears began selling pre-cut home kits and shipping them by rail to settlers in the West. The industry has diversified and a manufactured home is what you might call a trailer home.  Today, homes built by Manufacturers to the same code as site built homes, and then affixed to a permanent foundation are referred to as “Modular Homes”.

Epoch Homes are different: they’re fine, high-quality homes built to your specifications. From the beginning, we’ve recognized that bringing homebuilding into the manufacturing environment can be an enhancement to quality rather than a substitute for it. Epoch Homes are built in a controlled setting with a full-time crew: no weather delays, storm damage or labor diversions. The process is inherently Green. There’s less energy consumption because workers are not traveling to the site for 12 to 15 months. We use building materials more completely, so there’s less waste. And the finished product is more tightly constructed and thus more energy-efficient than a site-built home. Our custom approach gives you the flexibility to achieve the highest levels of Green Building.

Once on line, an Epoch Home can be built in a week or two while the foundation is constructed, saving you time and costs. We buy high-quality materials in bulk, saving more money. Our modules are built extra strong, to withstand the rigors of highway transportation. And once on site, your home can be “set” in a day or two, and handed over to your builder for finishing.


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